Even though the outside of your house looks modern and well kept up, do you know what is going on inside of the walls of your house? Antiquated wiring could pose a fire risk, but it could also cause other issues with your electronics and potentially damage them.

It could be that the outlets in your home aren’t grounded properly, which could cause electrocution. The same thing goes for outlets that should have GFCI protection, such as in your kitchen and bathroom.

Another possible danger is aluminum wiring.

Aluminum wiring is older technology and it degenerates quicker than copper. In some cases, this can become a fire hazard. Aluminum wire will have the word Aluminum or an abbreviation (such as CO/ALR) listed on it, which will help you to identify it.

With most changes to your electrical system, it is best to have a professional take care of it, otherwise you run the risk of fixing one problem only to cause another.