Wood siding on a home can be a beautiful addition, but it will require some extra maintenance by you as a homeowner. There are many different things that can damage wood, just to list a few, you need to worry about woodpeckers, wood-destroying insects, mold, rot, fire just to mention the main offenders. This doesn’t mean that you will constantly be fighting to keep your wood siding intact, but it does mean that you have a responsibility as a homeowner to keep it in good shape if you want it to stay looking good.

There are many different types of treatments that you can use to keep the wood safe, and as is the case with most maintenance items, regularity is key.

You need to make sure that these are reapplied within the timeframe specified by the manufacturer for them to be effective.

Keeping water away is also very important. Don’t let bushes grow too close to your home since they can add quite a bit of moisture to the wood.

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