When you step out of the shower, do you have a large cloud of steam in the bathroom with you? We all have different preferences for the temperature that we like for our shower, but usually, as long as you use some hot water, there will be steam released when you shower. That steam, when it cools down, will end up somewhere. So where would you prefer that to happen? Inside your home or outside of it?

Well, considering that moisture inside your home can cause mold growth and many other problems, outside is definitely the best option.

This is why it is very important that you have a bathroom exhaust fan that is working properly to expel all that air.

What are common issues with the bathroom exhaust fan?

One common problem is a fan that doesn’t vent outside. If this is the case, there could be a lot of moisture laden air being dumped into an area of the home where it can cause damage. The vent duct should be as straight as possible and vent away from doors, windows and other air intakes.

You might also need to clean your fan to make sure that the motor doesn’t overheat.