Cooking food is an everyday event in most homes, but have you ever wondered where all the steam and fumes from your food goes? In most homes, you will find a fan installed above the stove-top, with the purpose of pulling them out of your home and venting them outside. However, the fact that there is a fan above your stove doesn’t necessarily mean that it functions properly. Why is that?

For a kitchen fan to work, it needs to have ductwork leading to the outside. The ductwork needs to be as straight as possible, and it also needs to vent the air at least 10 feet away from any air intakes you have, such as air conditioning units and similar. It should also vent away from doors and windows.

To prevent any pests attracted by the smells coming out of the vent from coming inside your home, you should also have it blocked off with a metal netting or something similar.