How much did you pay for that? That’s a common question in many situations in life, but maybe not so often when it comes to your home inspector. Many home buyers try to find the cheapest home inspector possible just to save a few dollars, but this is not the wisest choice. The first thing to consider is why you’re getting a home inspector in the first place. There are many things that could end up costing a lot of money to repair or fix on a home, and if they aren’t found out before signing the contract, the money will come out of your wallet.
When taking a serious decision like that, it is important to have all the information that is available. Choosing a home inspector just by the price could actually end up costing you extra in the end. Instead, you should look carefully at the experience, training, and reviews of the home inspector you’re considering. Is this someone you would trust to help you with a major financial decision? You will be glad you took the time to do your research.

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