Have you ever noticed what looks like fruit flies in your home, mostly in your bathroom or maybe in a laundry room? When you examine them closely, you will find that their wings are more like the wings of a moth, and if you were to swat them, they leave behind a black powdery substance. These are sewer gnats, and they are actually coming out of your sewer lines. While sewer gnats are very difficult to get rid of, they are fortunately not harmful. So, how would you go about trying to exterminate sewer gnats?

Their nests will usually be located inside of your pipes, which makes it difficult to get to them. Bleach and other chemicals usually doesn’t succeed in killing them off. Sometimes, you might be able to clear out the infestation with boiling water or vinegar, but even this might not work. The best solution is a mechanical cleaning of the inside of the pipe using a drain snake.