Dealing with water damage can be both time-consuming and expensive for a homeowner. If left untreated it could lead to mold and other issues that are harmful to your health. When you have condensation forming in your home, this could easily lead to water damage. Unfortunately, condensation could be tricky to prevent. When humid, warm air hits a cold surface, condensation forms. This is usually a metal or glass surface, but it is also possible for it to happen on other materials.

Your first step in preventing this from happening is to keep that humid air outside, but it might be tricky to get your home completely closed up. Another way to protect yourself is to have a dehumidifier running in areas where there is a lot of humidity. It’s important to remember that these only work when you keep emptying them since they will shut off when the collection container is full.

Insulating your pipes will also keep condensation from forming, and you will have the added benefit of preventing your cold water from heating up when it runs through areas that aren’t air-conditioned.