With homes being so expensive, many homeowners want to make the best possible use of the space they have. One way to maximize your space at home is to transform your attic into a livable space. Here are ways to upgrade your upstairs attic from a storage area to additional living space:

  • Choose Light Colors
    • The color choice for wall paint will significantly impact the feel and look of a room. Pure white or any light colors will give an illusion of a bigger space. Light colors will help your attic look open, fresh, and bright. It is also recommended that you color the whole attic, including the ceiling, with the same light color to emphasize or highlight the room height.
  • Install clothing rods and hooks
    • Using rods and hooks for hanging clothes can be an excellent space-saving design to add to your attic. These room accessories will help keep clothes organized and minimize the space they take up.
  • New Flooring 
    • When remodeling your attic, changing the floors is a must. Installing a carpet or linoleum can add a nice finish to the space. Accents like rugs and pillows could be a great addition. 
  • Creative Layout
    • Since attics mostly have slanted ceilings, you should consider how to place your furniture creatively. Placing a bed in an attic is sometimes tricky, but since you will not need overhead space, it is best to put it in the lowest part of the room. Put your couch in the middle of the room where there is more headroom and add tables and chairs.
  • Built-In Shelves
    • Shelves and cabinets are recommended to be built-in to maximize the space in your attic. Make the most out of the spaces available in the room, especially the walls. It will help you organize your room and make your attic feel like a living space.

Of course, it is better to consult a professional contractor before remodeling your attic to ensure safety and avoid future issues.

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