Have you ever tried to clean out tobacco odor from a home? It might seem like an exercise in futility. There are so many things that make it one of the hardest odors to remove.

One reason is that the smoke particles are so tiny that they can make it almost anywhere. You will find that old filters, fabric, and pretty much anything that has a pore will smell of smoke long after the smokers are gone. This means that replacing all these things is going to be the easiest way to improve the situation.

If there is carpet and you don’t want to rip it out, you need to go over it with a carpet cleaner several times, and even then, you probably won’t get rid of the odor completely.

Lightbulbs are another problem that many don’t realize. Since tobacco smoke leaves behind a film, lighting a lamp will reintroduce the odor when this film gets heated up. Replacing or thoroughly cleaning the lightbulbs will help.