Keeping your home as tidy as possible is the first step in good maintenance. Tidying up your home regularly will keep future costly maintenance away. Here are four helpful tips for maintaining your apartment:

Avoid mold in your bathroom – If you take a hot shower and do not turn on the fan or leave the door open, it can cause your bathroom paint to be damaged. Be sure to act immediately if you notice any signs that mold is starting to grow in your bathroom.

Keep your kitchen clean – Since many of us cook daily, our kitchens can quickly become messy, so you have to make sure that you are tidying it up immediately. Make it a habit to throw expired items in the trash as soon as possible and clean out your fridge regularly. Cleaning your kitchen is the best way to avoid mold caused by expired products.

Pest Control Maintenance – You can keep your home pest-free by ensuring that all food crumbs and food scraps are cleaned up. Once you’re done eating, clean up your table, countertop, sink, and floor. Covering your drain and vacuuming regularly will also help. It’s also good to keep pest control products on hand to immediately handle minor issues before they become a significant problem that needs professional help. 

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