Whenever a new home is built, there are many choices that need to be made regarding the type of building materials used. There is always a fine balance between the quality of the material used and the cost. While there are some materials that cost extra because of being rare or high quality, there are many choices between materials that will last a long time and have few, if any problems, and cheaper, inferior materials. Whether or not you use green lumber will definitely have an impact on your home. Green lumber is a term used for lumber that hasn’t been dried in a kiln or something similar. It has a high moisture content, and this can lead to problems like mold, cracks from when the wood dries out and shrinks, popped nails and similar issues. Whether or not you choose to use green lumber will have a major impact on the cost and quality of the final building, but the climate where you live does make a difference. You are less likely to have issues with green lumber if you live in an area where there is low moisture and high temperatures.