Whenever you have guests staying for the night, do you have the convenience of having a separate bathroom available for them? This makes both your life and theirs easier, but this is one room in your home that could be forgotten and neglected. Before you have someone visiting next time, you want to make sure that that guest bathroom doesn’t cause more issues than benefits.

Running out of toilet paper when you’re in someone else’s home is probably topping the list of embarrassing situations for many of us. Checking that there is a good supply will make your guests happy. You should also check that the roll doesn’t have a layer of dust sitting on it. In fact, it’s a good idea to clean the bathroom before you have visitors.

Weird smells are not something that you want in the bathroom when you have guests coming to visit, so you should regularly run some water through the sink and flush the toilet when no one has used the bathroom in a while.

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