How is your home heated? As winter is upon us, you’ve probably fired up your heating system, and in a majority of US homes, this is forced air heating. What that means is that air is heated up and then delivered to the rooms in your home through a system of ducts.

The downsides with forced air are quite a few however. Heated air is easily lost through leaking ducts on the way to the different areas of your home, and if your windows aren’t effectively keeping the hot air in, you could lose it quickly. You also have very few options for having different temperatures in different rooms, you can only open or close vents.

If you were to have a radiant heating system instead, this is not prone to those problems. Radiant heating consists of elements that are heated up by water or electricity. There are no ducts where you will lose heat in transfer. You can adjust temperatures independently in different rooms. Usually your system will also be more flexible as to the type of fuel it runs on, so this will let you pick a type that is cheaper in the area where you live.