When your plumbing backs up, it might feel like the simple and quick solution is to use drain chemicals to get it running again, but is this really your best choice? While it might clear up a clog really fast, it can do damage to your pipes, it can splash and cause skin irritation, it can damage your septic system if you have one and it is generally bad for the environment.

So what options do you have? For a toilet, your best tool is a plunger. You can use a plunger to clear up even stubborn clogs. 

In sinks and showers, a simple snake might be all you need. These will let you clear out hair and other debris that has built up in your pipes. Using these methods will potentially save you a lot of money in future repairs, and since your plunger and snake are reusable, you won’t need to spend money on getting more drain chemicals.

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