Most homes don’t have enough wall receptacles. It is difficult for a builder to predict where you will need a receptacle, and often this means that they will be installed at a predetermined interval throughout the home. This is not very comforting knowledge when you are looking for a spot where you could plug in your charger. Because of this, most homeowners will have one or several power strips installed for additional receptacles. There are however some things that should be kept in mind when using power strips.

While they might seem safe and harmless, there are ways in which you can overload a power strip, leading to a dangerous situation, possibly even starting a fire.

So what is the proper way to use a power strip? The most important thing is to avoid using a power strip that is damaged in any way. Frayed wires or stripped insulation can easily cause a fire, so just throw out the power strip.

You should also avoid plugging in a second power strip into another since this can overload it. A power strip should have a rating listed for how many watts it can handle, so don’t overload it. Covering a powerstrip with a carpet or something similar can also make it overheat.

While power strips are very useful, they should be used with care.

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