Different ways of heating have been used throughout the years and storing fuel has often caused some issues.

If you want to keep enough wood on hand to last you throughout the cold season, it will take a lot of space. This is why many choose instead to use a pellet stove for heating, especially in smaller homes and cabins.

A pellet stove uses pellets that are made from different types of biological materials. Sawdust, food scraps, and other things are pressed into a tiny shape that can be bagged and stored in your home.

There are many advantages to this. You won’t have the problem with wood-destroying insects being brought into your home as you do with wood, and the bags can be stored easily near your home so you won’t need to hike far to get another load for your heater.

Another benefit to a pellet stove is that it won’t radiate heat the same way other heating sources do. In fact, it could actually be cool to the touch on the sides and the back, making it a safer choice in homes with kids and pets.

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