Mold exposure can irritate your skin, nose, eyes, lungs, and throat. Knowing how to identify mold and prevent it is important for your health.

Suppose your room has high humidity or moisture levels; your carpet is at risk of growing mold. If a part of your carpet is wet for 24-48 hours, you should already consider having it cleaned because there’s a high chance that molds already are present. Here are the signs that you should be aware of:


Mold is very visible. You should inspect your carpet for any visual signs of mold. Check for discoloration or odor.

Exposure to water for long periods of time. If the carpet has been wet for 24 hrs, expect that molds should already appear. It needs to be cleaned and dried immediately.

Allergic reactions. If you are experiencing repeated asthma or allergic reactions, you might need to check your area for any signs of mold.


Controlling Humidity. Keeping your home’s humidity level between 30% and 60% will help keep your carpets mold-free since you’re not letting moisture build up to a level where mold can start to grow.

Controlling Temperature. Temperature is also an important factor in the growth of molds. Adjust temperature and avoid creating an ideal environment for molds to grow.

Keep your carpet clean. Don’t allow spills or any liquid or moisture to stay too long. Clean them quickly and vacuum regularly to keep your carpet dry and mold-free.

Following these simple steps should keep your home safe from mold and healthy to live in.

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