When you want a refreshing, cold glass of water, is it easy for you to get one? It might seem like a weird question, but it is the reality for many homeowners. For one reason or another, the water coming out of their faucet is warm or even hot at first. For some, it will get cold after they run it for a while, but others might have to settle for lukewarm water at the best.

There could be several different reasons why this happens, but here are some common ones:

  • The hot and cold water pipes are too close together. When this happens, heat can get transferred from one to the other.
  • A vent in your HVAC system is leaking and hot air is blowing directly on the pipe.
  • The water travels through an uninsulated area of your home (Of course, this would only be an issue in the heat of summer)
  • Hot water from your water heater is bleeding back into your cold water pipes.
  • A faucet has a defective pressure-balancing valve. This will cause the hot and cold water to mix at the faucet.

There are other reasons that could lead to this issue as well. If you can’t figure out what is causing the problem, it might be time to contact a plumber.

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