Unless you live in a wooden home, you are probably acquainted with wall anchors. Whether you’re dealing with cement walls or drywall, anything you need to be mounted on a wall will usually require an anchor, unless you’re able to mount it on a stud. Naturally, a stud will be the most reliable solution for something heavy, and there are some things, like TVs that aren’t recommended that you mount unless you can do so on a stud. 

Unfortunately, there are some places where you might be unable to find a stud near where you want something mounted, or there could be items that need to be mounted to two points that aren’t the right distance apart to use a stud. This is why it is so convenient to be able to use a wall anchor.

It is important to use the right type of anchor and that it is rated for the correct weight. The anchor should fit snugly into the hole you make for it, usually requiring some force to insert it. There are also some anchors that will drill their own hole in the wall, but some care needs to be exercised with these since over-tightening a screw in one of those anchors could damage the drywall.

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