One of the main methods that have been emphasized during this time to limit the spread of the coronavirus is social distancing. It has been suggested that everyone leaves at least 6 ft in between themselves and others to prevent the virus from spreading. The reason for this is that the coronavirus is not airborne. When droplets of coronavirus are expelled they will fall to the ground fairly quickly. This is why social distancing is so important. While not everyone spits a lot while they talk microscopic particles can still travel some distance and infect us. So what should you do? While it might be tempting to spend time with friends and family, limiting our contact with them will make us less at risk of being infected by the virus and from spreading it to others if we already have it. Even though you might feel like your health is good that does not mean that you’re not going to come in contact with someone who has a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, diabetes or some other underlying issue that would prove to be fatal for them.

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