If you expect a disaster to come your way, your first concern is, and should be, the safety of yourself and your family. In some cases, though, there is enough advance warning for you to take steps to ensure that your home and property will make it through with as little damage as possible. Of course, you can’t predict everything that will happen, however preparation will most likely minimize the risk of major damage to your home.

There are three things that you should turn off in your house: power, water and gas. This needs to be done from the main switch/valve. Gas and electricity when not turned off could potentially lead to a major fire or explosion, and a water leak could do a lot of damage, especially if there will be some time before you can return to your property.

Another step to take for protection is to make sure that your home is locked up tight. Looting is unfortunately a common occurrence during natural disasters, and locking up will prevent looters from getting easy access to your home.