While it is nice and convenient to be connected to a municipal sewage system, not everyone has access to this. The only alternative is to have a septic system. Since the responsibility now is yours to care for your waste, you should be well aware of its basic operation and what you can do to make sure that it functions correctly. One thing to remember is where it is located. You need to know this because driving over your septic system or parking something heavy on top of it could damage the system.
You should also make sure that it is maintained properly. This means getting it pumped about once every 5 years (or more often if you have a large family) and having it inspected every 3 years.
You should also use the right kind of toilet paper, detergent, and avoid using drain chemicals. Since it is a finely balanced system, you don’t want to do anything that can upset the balance of bacteria that lives in the tank and breaks down your waste.