For most of us, taking care of our aging parents is just a small way in which we can repay them for everything that they did for us growing up. If you decide to take your parents into your home to be able to better care for them, you should make sure that you first ensure your home is a safe place for them to live. There are some things that are more difficult when you are older, and some dangers come with age, especially when there are other factors involved, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Depending on the state of your parents, you might need to install alarms that will alert you when doors are opened to the outside or dangerous areas. Some have chosen to install cameras that allow them to monitor their parents in the home when they are not able to be there with them.

Tragedy has resulted from stove burners being forgotten or slips in the bathroom when no one was there to help.

Talking about bathrooms, it is wise to install anti-slip material in your tub, or even changing your tub over to a walk-in shower that is going to be easier to deal with for older ones.

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