There are a lot of reasons why property owners have decided to install security cameras on their property. For one thing, they’ve become a lot more mainstream than they used to be. They’re also great for checking in on your family, finding out as soon as a delivery arrives, keeping your pets company from far away, and, oh yeah, they can help deter crime on your property and in your neighborhood.

If you’ve been thinking about adding security cameras to your home or business, there are a lot of different things to consider, not least of which is the type of camera (or cameras) you’ll use. Wired cameras, for example, are stable and durable, but they require a permanent connection to power and/or internet, and are complicated to install. Wireless cameras are flexible and easy to install, but they may need to be recharged, and may not have comparable video quality. This is just one simple comparison you’ll need to consider. It’s a good idea to investigate before you invest!

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