While metal siding on your home might sound like a nice, solid choice, it hasn’t been a very popular option through the years. It was mostly used in commercial buildings, and the lack of options when it comes to styles and colors have discouraged homeowners from installing it, but this is no longer the case.

Steel siding has evolved over the years, and you now have many different options both when it comes to color and style. The most important choice you will need to make, however, is whether to go with galvanized steel or stainless steel. These two types of steel use different types of rust prevention, and they have weaknesses that might be a problem in certain scenarios.

Galvanized steel gets damaged by salt water, so installing that near the ocean, or even in areas where there is a lot of salty snow in the wintertime would be a bad idea. On the other hand, stainless steel would not be a good option near a pool, since chlorine can damage it.