Doors – it’s hard to imagine a home without them. We use doors for privacy, sound blockage, restricting pets or even for keeping children away from danger. If you take a closer look at the doors in your home, however, you might find that they are not installed perfectly.

Installing a door might sound like a fairly basic task, but in reality, it is fairly complicated. A poorly installed door could be more than just an eyesore, it could be unsafe, and it could damage the doorway where it is mounted. It is possible that the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover your door if it was improperly installed.

When installing a door, it is important to take into consideration the forces that will affect it. Swinging on its hinges, the door will create significant shear forces. This means that the screws holding it in place need to be long enough and firmly attached to a stable, plumb and square frame.

All edges of the door need to be finished as well, or else the door can absorb moisture, swell and no longer fit properly in the opening.