If you are planning to upgrade the lighting of a room or install new lighting throughout your home, consider these tips on how to improve lighting room-by-room. 

For Living areas and Family rooms, we have to keep in mind that this is an area of the house where the family tends to engage in a lot of activities, including reading, watching TV, playing board games, and conversation. Bouncing light off the ceiling would help make the light softer, and spread it out over a larger area. You can also do accent lighting in a living room to emphasize a specific architectural element like a plant or on a painting, a fireplace, or a sculpture. 

For the kitchen lighting plan, you might consider cove lighting for two opposite kitchen walls.  This should bounce light off the ceiling and create what is called ambient lighting.

Lighting at the table is the main focus of dining rooms. You can also apply ambient lighting by using fixtures directly placed above the table.

For a bedroom lighting plan, the two primary focuses are closet lighting and reading. Wall-mounted light fixtures are recommended by lighting experts for bedside lighting. Make sure that bedside lights can be adjusted easily with switches accessible.

Just a reminder that home lighting should focus first on safety, then on functionality, and, lastly on aesthetics.

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