Have you ever felt unsafe when visiting someone’s home? It could be because of the way things are falling apart or the way the home and surroundings are laid out. It might not happen very often, but it should motivate you to take a look at your own home. How safe would a visitor to your home feel?

When walking up to the front entrance, how is the sidewalk and walkway looking. In the winter, are snow and ice cleared away? Are there cracks in the pavement, or is it uneven? If there is a stair up to the entrance, is there a railing that is sturdy?

Do you have a roof overhanging the walkway, and if so, is there a risk of ice, snow, branches or other debris falling off of it onto someone walking below?

Inside your home, are your wall receptacles attached properly so that they are sturdy, and do they have faceplates covering the wiring?

Considering all these things will protect you, your family and your friends and visitors.