One experience that you never forget is being exposed to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. These 3 plants will give you a serious allergic reaction ranging from a simple rash to serious blisters requiring hospitalization. Exposure is worsened due to the fact that the oil causing the rash, urushiol oil, will linger on a surface for a long time, usually until it is cleaned off with water or rubbing alcohol.

To protect yourself you should take the time to learn how to identify these plants. If you suspect that they are growing in your yard, you need to take proper measures to protect yourself from being exposed. You should not try to remove them with any part of your skin exposed. The plants can cause a rash months after they died. All parts of the plant contain the oil which causes an allergic reaction, and when they are broken, they will release large amounts of it. Even burning the plant is dangerous. The smoke can cause serious respiratory problem, so you should avoid burning it and instead find a safe way to dispose of it.

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