As a home seller or buyer, the success of a thorough home inspection doesn’t only rely on the expertise of a home inspector but you can also contribute to it. Here are the common mistakes that make the home inspection process more difficult:

Buyers are not present during the inspection.
You should be present during the inspection process to see the issues discovered by the home inspector in real-time. They will not just discuss the problems, but they will also give you tips on fixing or preventing this from becoming a major problem in the future.

Access to important areas is blocked.
An inspector needs full access to every area of your house to perform a thorough inspection. All crawl spaces, attics, the furnace, and electrical panels need to be accessible. You need to open any locked doors, clear out piled-up boxes, clutter, and move furniture.

Utilities were not turned on before the inspection.
A home inspector needs to operate on the utilities and ensure that everything is working well and in good condition. To do that, you have to make sure that utilities are turned on.
If it is turned off, they will just mark it on the report as unable to be inspected.

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