The insulation in your home is going to be the only thing between you and the bitter cold outside, and winter is closer than you probably would prefer. Every home has its own challenges when it comes to insulation, and identifying and fixing the problem well in advance is smart planning. It not only makes for a warmer home, it will cost you a lot less in heating if it is properly insulated. The purpose of insulation is to prevent exchange of temperature, and how well it does this is measured by something called an R-value. You will find the R-value of insulation listed on it, but the R-value alone is not the only thing to consider. If you compress the insulation, or if it gets wet, it won’t insulate as well. The same is the case if insulation is installed but there are cracks or holes in the walls surrounding it. It is possible to use infrared imaging to spot areas of your home that have insulation problems, letting you get to work to prepare for the cold season.