After a long winter, most of us probably look forward to the heat that comes with summer. At the same time, however, when we are in our homes we often end up using air conditioning to keep cool. This could lead to quite a bit of extra expense during the hot summer months, so you should make sure that you are using your air conditioning wisely.

If your air conditioning unit is older, it might add quite a bit to the bill, since units have gotten a lot more efficient over time. Even if it is an older unit, proper maintenance can save you money on running costs as well. Just something as simple as regularly replacing the filter in your unit will lower the operating cost significantly. Another fix that can save you money is making sure that your ducts aren’t leaking. The amount of conditioned air that you can lose from a leaky duct can be quite significant, and it can also bring in heated air from areas of your home that aren’t insulated.