The weather is getting colder already, and as a homeowner, this can mean that you get some extra work. Cold weather can have all kinds of detrimental effects for your home.
One of the biggest problems is when pipes freeze over and cause issues with your water supply, or even worse, burst and cause water damage. If you are worried about this happening in your home, you should make sure your pipes are insulated, especially if they are located in an area of your home that gets very cold in the wintertime.
Checking your insulation might be tricky, but with the help of thermal imaging, you can find out where there are weak areas that should be improved.
Thermal imaging will also help you in another energy-saving endeavor – finding leaking ducts. If the ductwork that funnels warm air from your heater is leaking, then you will be looking at a system that is much less effective than it should be.

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