Different seasons mean different ways that your home is used by your family. Take, for example, the effect that summertime can have on your plumbing system.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that your family is around the house a lot more during summer, and perhaps never has that been more the case than this past year. Summer heat means more showers, using more water, more fixture usage, and more water heater usage. More people around the house means more flushes of the toilet, more brushing of teeth, more handwashing, more dishwashing. If it’s a particularly dry summer and you have a sprinkler system, it may be running more than you typically would.

This increased use of just one system in your home means an increased likelihood of an issue arising. If you suspect that the extra use of your home may be starting to cause problems, why not give us a call? A professional home inspection can give you some great insights.

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