When you see someone in the store wearing a face mask, does it make you feel confident or nervous? For many of us, the first conclusion we make might be that they have been infected with COVID-19. While this isn’t necessarily true, it is a possibility, which can make anyone nervous. 

So, have you wondered whether or not you should wear a face mask? The answer is somewhat complicated. At first, the recommendation from the CDC was not to wear face masks unless you worked in the medical field or with those that are at high risk of being infected. Recently however they have updated their guidelines to suggest that it might help prevent community spread if you wear a cloth mask to prevent particles from spreading when you’re out in public. This does not mean that you should start using the N95 face masks that are so necessary for all those working in the medical field. Ever since the start of the pandemic, supply has been short on all these items. Instead, you can make a simple mask from cloth you have at home and elastic hair ties or something similar. There are many different blueprints on how to make these yourself available on the internet.