We all need hot water for our daily lives. We use it for cleaning dishes, taking showers, cleaning the floors and so many other things. However, the way that most of us get our hot water is not a very efficient method. Why is that? A traditional water heater heats up a large amount of water, and it keeps it warm, whether you use it or not. This is a huge waste of energy, especially if you are gone for a few days.

With traditional water heaters you also have the problem of running out of water when more people than usual are in the home. You also have to wait for a while before the hot water makes it through the pipes to the faucet.

What is your option? You could have a tankless water heater installed. These devices can be installed right by the faucet and provide instantaneous hot water on demand. While they cost quite a bit to install, they do provide savings fairly quickly.