With young children at home, you have probably been worried more than once by them trying to climb furniture. Kids are inherently curious, and this might cause them to climb onto high furniture, or it could be that they are trying to reach something that you attempted to place out of reach.

This does not only pose a fall risk for your children, there is also the risk that a heavy piece of furniture or appliance will fall on top of your kid, which can be lethal in a worst case scenario.

A simple step you can take to prevent that from happening is to install brackets to hold your furniture steady against the wall.

Many common brands of furniture will come with brackets supplied, but if they do not, they are inexpensive to purchase.

There are some different methods of installation, but the main thing to make sure of is that the bracket is solidly attached on both ends – to the furniture and the wall. If either material is flimsy, the bracket will not serve its purpose and just detach from the wall when force is exerted.