Anyone can make a mistake, isn’t that true? But there are some mistakes that can cause more trouble than others. Take for example when the wrong type of soap is used in a dishwasher. There is a reason why dish-soap is not used, but instead a specific type of soap that doesn’t lather as much.

What happens when you use dish-soap in a washer is going to be pretty obvious after a few minutes of runtime. Soap bubbles will start to come out around the door, and that is usually the point where people realize they have made a mistake.

There is no easy way to fix this problem. You will need to clean out the dish soap completely, and that will most likely include using a wet vac and lots of water until the washer stops lathering. It is important to clean it up well since it could potentially damage your machine, or if there are a lot of leaks, you could have water damage to your home in places where you can’t notice it.

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