Do you have a night light plugged into a receptacle in your home? Many do, whether it is for convenience or comfort, these things have been around forever, but one thing that homeowners might not ask themselves is “How safe are they?”

The reason you should ask that question is that there are many cheap, mass-produced electrical devices that haven’t really had a good track record when it comes to safety. A night light is a very simple device, but since it is plugged into a 110V wall receptacle, a poorly built one could short and cause a fire, or there could be loose parts that could pose an electrocution hazard. How tragic it would be if the light that is meant to comfort your child proved to be endangering their life instead!

If you are buying your nightlight online, even though it might seem like a very small purchase, take the time to read reviews and look for recalls that could indicate poor craftsmanship.

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