How far are you willing to go to protect your children. As a parent, your answer is probably “As far as it takes”. When it comes to pools, every parent’s nightmare is to find that their child made it into the pool on their own and had an accident. So what can you do to prevent something like that from happening? Besides the obvious solution to keep gates and doors locked to prevent children from getting to the pool on their own, you can also make use of pool alarms. Pool alarms come in many different forms. You could have one that you make your children wear around the wrist, but the problem with those is that they give false positives when they wash their hands or it gets wet some other way.

There are also alarms that are in the pool itself and go off when there are waves or splashes in the pool. Of course, another option is to have a camera with a motion sensor giving you a heads up when someone is in there.

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