People love to relax on a deck during warm weather. However, front porch structure defects are unsafe for walking. Here are some signs that your deck needs your attention.
Loose Floor or Deck Boards
There might be a fresh coat of paint on your porch or deck, but the floorboards could rot and warp underneath it. Damaged wood underfoot can weaken the integrity of the whole deck and create a tripping hazard.
Mold, Mildew, and Moss
Porches and decks can take a lot of damage because of the changing weather. Depending on the surface’s exposure to sunlight and its slope, moisture can create a breeding ground for moss, mildew, and mold. Handrails might also suffer from mold. Once you get buildup on the surface, it will be slippery. You have to be careful with your grip and where you step.
Wood-Boring Insect Damage
Termites and carpenter bees can cause damage that looks like a heap of swiss cheese on a back deck or front porch. However, the damage could also be hidden under your deck or porch. Extensive damage makes the structure weaker. Search for holes or signs of tunneling on the deck or front porch before trusting if it can support your weight.
Rotted Posts
The posts of your porch and deck should be attached or anchored to a concrete foundation. If the foundation doesn’t have a gap and has direct contact with soil, it will rot eventually. If the foundation post is rotted, the structure will be unsafe to walk on.

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