In the United States, a child younger than 7 is hurt every 30 minutes by a furniture or TV tip-over incident. These incidents typically occur at home, and most children injured this way are between the ages of 1 and 3.

Children typically acquire these injuries by climbing. They see a toy on a shelf or in a drawer and climb on the furniture to be able to grab it. It could be that they were able to do so safely previously, but children this age also grow rapidly.

Here are some tips for keeping your home safe for children:

Keep your television secured. Certain TVs should be anchored to the wall to prevent them from moving or falling over. This is because children might try to pull or push on the television screen and causing it to fall over.

Read all instructions. Properly secure heavy furniture and appliances with quality hardware. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how to secure TVs and other appliances.

Remove tempting objects. Remove objects that children might climb up to reach, such as toys and remote controls, from the top of  TVs and furniture. Store heavy items on lower shelves or in drawers. It’s extra important to secure furniture in the child’s room or where they spend most of their time.

Secure top-heavy furniture. To prevent furniture from toppling over, anchor it to the wall. Make sure to properly fasten restraints to both the furniture and a stud in the wall. Be careful to follow instructions; incorrect installations can render tip-over brackets ineffective.

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